Einsicht in die Zeiten haben und wissen, was zu tun ist
"Von den Söhnen Issaschars, die Einsicht hatten in die Zeiten, um zu wissen, was Israel tun sollte: 200 Häupter; und alle ihre Brüder folgten ihrem Wort" 1. Chronik 12,33 (SLT)
Gottes Volk zu Seiner Herrlichkeit erbauen
"Denn der HERR wird Zion aufbauen, Er wird erscheinen in seiner Herrlichkeit." Psalm 102,17

Board Meetings are where major decisions about a company’s direction, policies and operations are taken. They are a way for the board members to remain informed about all aspects of the business and make sure that the company is on the right track to meet its objectives.

Before any deliberation or decision-making prior to any decision-making or deliberation, it is crucial to read any relevant reports and updates from committees and departments. This includes financial statements, project updates, feedback from customers surveys and any other pertinent data that could help inform the decision of the Board.

This information should be sent to all board members well before the meeting to ensure that any questions or concerns can be addressed prior to the board meeting. This is particularly helpful if committee chairs are present, as it will reduce the time spent at the board meeting.

The distraction of new discussions topics during a board meeting can be a massive waste of time and diverts board members from the primary agenda items. To prevent this, a lot of boards include a “parking area agenda where they can set aside topics off-the-plan for later consideration to ensure that the primary agenda items are dealt with first.

A dynamic and thorough agenda and sticking to it consistently indicates that committee and board members and their opinions are considered. Making the effort to develop an effective agenda can help the meeting start on-time and end on-time leaving attendees with a positive feeling about the Board meeting experience.

effective board meetings

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