Einsicht in die Zeiten haben und wissen, was zu tun ist
"Von den Söhnen Issaschars, die Einsicht hatten in die Zeiten, um zu wissen, was Israel tun sollte: 200 Häupter; und alle ihre Brüder folgten ihrem Wort" 1. Chronik 12,33 (SLT)
Gottes Volk zu Seiner Herrlichkeit erbauen
"Denn der HERR wird Zion aufbauen, Er wird erscheinen in seiner Herrlichkeit." Psalm 102,17

Newsflash – nerds are cool! You only must imagine Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk to get the image. This business were not racing over the football pitch attracting attention from adoring cheerleaders.

These were those inside the university library swotting to pass through their next examination. But you know what? In
, they are the most useful men.

These days nerd dudes rule. If you should be a female matchmaking a nerdy man – congratulations. You’ve made the bond between a great man and a nerdy guy.

When you yourself haven’t recognised the total potential with the nerd, i am right here to illuminate you. Today, it might seem you know everything about nerdy guys. You could believe there was a nerd label and therefore dating a nerd indicates playing games and watching celebrity Wars.

You’d be incorrect.

There are several reasons why you really need to date a nerd guy.

Are 15 Factors Why You Should Be Dating A Nerdy Guy

1. They’re not attempting to impress any person

In school, women cannot big date nerds. Much more likely these include


or overlooked through the cool crowds. However in the dating world, it is a special tale.

The nerdy guy provides learned that it really is alright to possess different passions and quirks.

They beat to their own drum, and are happy with that. As a result, they are aware they don’t need certainly to wow anybody.

Should they wish visit comical con or binge-watch reruns of Star Trek or Superstar Wars they. So there’s an authenticity about residing your life this way.

2. Nerdy dudes are happy to remain in

Perhaps you have wished-for interactions in which the guy planned to stay static in a
on the sofa to you? So now you have one. Not is it necessary to substitute a cold football stadium acting to love seeing the fella run around the pitch.

Not any longer you will be forced to bring the gymnasium case and workout with your fitness-mad boyfriend. Do not fancy clubbing this evening? Offer the guy a phone call, he’s going to just be also very happy to flake out to you and binge-snack your way through pint-sized popcorn as well as your favourite romcoms.

3. They don’t have large egos.

Males obtain
through themselves. You know the kind; maybe they aren’t that large, so they get broad and muscly as an alternative. Other individuals get it through cloth things, for example costly cars or child toys.

Nerds manage to get thier self-esteem from the inside. Nerds and geeks have no need for recognition from other individuals. Their own intelligence gives them self-confidence. This means that, they do not want to display down or compensate in other means.

4. Nerds do not worry about learning

Because a nerd doesn’t have a huge
, you’ll inform them and teach them stuff. And by material, i am talking about gender. We all know it may get a bit for a man to reach know the body and exactly what converts us in. Some men are happy as revealed.

In contrast, some dudes think they understand it all and get disappointed, even frustrated when we attempt to inform them what realy works for people.

Maybe not the nerd. He’ll pay attention patiently, exercise until the guy becomes it appropriate. He’s happy to get instruction. He knows that it doesn’t think about his prowess as men. It reflects much better on him becoming attentive and ready to find out.

5. Nerds tend to be enthusiastic

Ab muscles definition of a nerd is passion, sufficient reason for passion will come a great deal of different qualities. I’ll provide you with some examples; love leads to interest, which then results in a desire to master.

Finding out is the key of intelligence. Whenever we tend to be


about a topic, very often this overlaps into other areas your schedules. So a geek definitely excited about computers might-be great at having things aside and repairing them.

Or some guy which a math technical may love dealing with your own tax accounts for you. You notice, there are numerous advantageous assets to internet dating a geek!

6. Obtained a cracking sense of humour

The school had been tough for nerds. Many of them honed their unique sense of humour to deal with bad responses or bullying. Coupled with their own intellectual prowess, this option are super-fast in relation to breaking the funnies.

Their Unique

observational humour

is the best. The wonderful thing about nerds is the fact that they usually takes bull crap and merely operate along with it. Puns, inside laughs, jokes that merely you two can be found in regarding needs a life of their own.

7. They worth personality over look

If you find yourself dating a nerdy guy, it’s not necessary to be concerned about not sporting beauty products or slopping around in trackie soles. Your boyfriend wont believe any a reduced amount of you because the guy did not begin a relationship along with you because of your look.

He got committed to get to know you as an individual. He appreciates your


and fictional character. Besides, he can’t truly assess you whenever his reward possession is a Pokémon tie. So he won’t care in the event that you placed on several pounds or lose a few.

8. Nerdy guys never judge

Nerds will be the a lot of non-judgmental people in a relationship. Possibly it is because they experienced at school. Or even it is because of these odd interests.

a geek understands that whatever enables you to pleased is alright. Nerds believe it is cool having a collection of 400 porcelain frogs in your room. Or even to just put on the colour purple. A geek will stay and leave stay.

9. They won’t perform head games

Whenever it came to dishing from manipulative bone nerds got put aside. Nerds reside their unique genuine life, so just why would they begin to play
mind video games
making use of woman they like? It is far from in their nature.

It really is a little like flirting; nerds have no idea how exactly to exercise. Contemplate your typical nerd just as if he or she ended up being a computer. They lack the hardware for scheming or devious behavior.

The good thing is which they do have a large devotion chip!

10. You may be yourself with a nerd

Isn’t really it exhausting internet dating a cool piece that really works down everyday and appears gorgeous without attempting? You have to be on your own A-game every 2nd. You cannot flake out and start to become your self. Really, with a nerd, you can easily.

Undo an option or two if you’ve consumed too-much, your own nerd wont bat an eyelid. Shout and holler at TV once preferred girl will get eradicated from America’s leading unit. Have that poster of Chris Pratt laminated since you need it to last. They will be checking out comic guides anyhow.

11. You are always discovering as soon as you date a nerd

Nerds never simply discover stuff these are typically excited about, they are aware other fascinating things as well. Nerds are naturally interesting, and they take in knowledge like a sponge.

Their brains stop on tangents. If a nerd doesn’t know one thing, he will go out of their strategy for finding away about any of it. Nerds are secret gem troves of odd details and passions that may surprise and delight you.

12. Nerds like correcting material

Have you ever had a
nevertheless however correct your computer or automobile or TV? Then days afterwards he still hasn’t become to pressing it? You may never have that issue with a nerd.

The possibilities are that she or he know just how to fix your own stuff, however, if they don’t really might know a person who does. And additionally they you should not hang about often. Nerds tend to be hands-on, they don’t procrastinate.

13. Nerdy guys are sensitive

It’s no surprise that geeks tend to be more sensitive and painful than the average person. They may be able recognise your feeling very quickly. Nerds tend to be emphatic and thoughtful people. Keep in mind, they will have most likely experienced difficult times themselves.

Therefore, they’re able to recognise the indications that someone is sad or upset. In addition they wont would like you to
hide your emotions
from their website both.

14. They do not like recreations

I dated men as soon as that enjoyed this type of baseball group. Every week-end we might journey to out games or stay watching your home games. It did not matter what the climate was actually or if I experienced another thing i needed doing.

Not just that, but he viewed all of those other baseball games. It was maintain score for the matches during the group. As somebody who dislikes baseball, it was torture at their most brutal. We relax my case.

15. Nerds make decent money

Eventually, nerds generally have good tasks in IT or computing. Their unique skills are very sought after, so there are numerous prestigious jobs available to all of them. Plus, if you should be matchmaking one you will end up with a
millionaire partner


Carry out nerdy dudes make good boyfriends?

The average
nerdy guy
is a sensitive and painful, enthusiastic and compassionate sort. These men are intelligent and interesting to talk to. They’re non-judgmental, and end up being yourself if you are together with them. Nerds won’t perform head video games or adjust you, and they’ve got a super-dry love of life.

Which kind of woman would nerdy men like?

Nerds like a non-pretentious woman that isn’t nervous getting by herself. Geeky dudes tend to be attracted to compassionate girls that are peaceful and painful and sensitive. Rowdy
women tend to be a turn-off to them. Intelligence, kindness and strength of figure tend to be qualities they look out for.

What ought I get my nerdy boyfriend?

Follow your nerdy sweetheart’s passions and
purchase him anything
that comments it. Geeks and nerds like strange t-shirts, publications on their favourite subject matter, build-your-own products, uncommon lighting, head video games, anything to carry out using factors, sci-fi, background, physics, and astronomy; any such thing with puns or literature.

How will you determine if a nerdy guy wants you?

A nerdy man wont come straight out and get you for a romantic date. It is more likely that they can hang inside favorite areas and expect you observe all of them. They Will
work anxious
surrounding you but comes lively whenever writing on their own passions. In conclusion, you may be the one to inquire of them on a night out together because it’s very evident they want to ask you to answer away.

How do I get a nerd to just like me?

Uncover what they like performing and steadily become familiar with them as friends. Never hop in too quickly or perhaps you’ll scare them off. Let them know about any quirks or interests you must
get their particular trust
. Use text messages and social media marketing to communicate in the beginning because they could be timid. Go gradually and build right up a friendship before you inquire further from a date.


I hope I have found you that dating nerdy men is the greatest. They’ve so much to provide, so why not take a chance?

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